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Hi I’m Dr. Derrick! I was born and raised in Medfield, MA, and am so excited to be practicing in Walpole. I am a second-generation chiropractor and consider myself very fortunate to have parents that are both chiropractors. I take pride in telling people that I had my spine checked within minutes of being born. 

Chiropractic has helped me lead a healthy life free of medications and medical doctor visits. Growing up, whether I had a stomach ache or a broken arm, I was asking my parents for chiropractic adjustments because I knew they would help my body’s ability to adapt and heal quicker.

Whether it was helping a childhood friend of mine go from 19 prescription drugs a day to just 1 (insulin) or helping a college teammate of mine that had missed a full season because of post-concussion syndrome play hockey again, it seemed like I was seeing or hearing about someone my parents helped on a daily basis. Seeing how many lives they touched and improved without drugs or surgery was amazing to me and the reason I knew I would also become a chiropractor. It’s safe to say my parents and the chiropractic lifestyle had the same effect on my sisters because they both are chiropractors, too!

A little more about me: Sports were my passion growing up. I went on to play ice hockey at Princeton University, earning league all-academic honors three of the four years I was there. After graduating from Princeton I played a few years of professional hockey in the minor leagues (East Coast Hockey League & Central Hockey League) before attending chiropractic school at Life University in Georgia. Outside the office you will likely find me adventuring with my dog, Ōkami, at the gym, trying out new restaurants, or golfing.

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